The world is a busy place. We all have jobs, classes, and families — not to mention anything else life decides to throw our way.

Enter; a fun, social, and entirely new and unique way to find the new music you’ll love, and then share that love with the world.

The concept of the site is simple — provide track reviews to the masses that include the streaming song as well as a download link (because what’s the use of a track without the download link?). All of this is done to not only turn you on to more music, but to also help the artists gain even more exposure!

There are hundreds websites on the internet that are focused on promoting and helping artists get their name out there, but none of them are quite like LACityLights! Using the site is a piece of cake:

  • REGISTER with the LACL blog
  • LOVE the posts you like
  • HELP your favorite artists get featured up top and
  • SAVE those posts to your account to access and download at anytime – it’s that simple.

There are thousands upon thousands of tracks out on the web that are free of charge, you just need to know where to look! LACL focuses on top 40, electro, hip-hop, and really anything else that we like, so feel free to comment and share some of your favorite tracks that you think are great!


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