When it comes to being ultra fresh, nobody can pull it off quite like Wiz Khalifa. It comes as no surprise, with a man that is as talented as the Pittsburg native, he would churn out hit after hit, despite his record label dramas. On his sophomore album, “Deal or No Deal” (referencing his record deal problems with Warner Bros. records), released in late 2009, one track stood out to me as being exceptionally blog worthy — “This Plane”.

PA native Wiz Khalifa

I remember back a couple years ago when Wiz was brand new on the scene and was just getting his name out there. I was working as an event promoter for Los Angeles based entertainment company, Fresh Entertainment. We were putting on a show, Fresh Anniversary, and we had slated famed Alice Deejay to perform their last show ever at this event.

Well anybody who is a Wiz fan should know he first saw mainstream success with a song by the name of “Say Yeah” which sampled one of Alice Deejay’s more infamous tracks, “Better Off Alone” (I told you, I love samples). We paid Wiz’s plane tickets from his hometown in PA all the way out to LA so he could perform his hit track on stage with Alice Deejay live. It was amazing. Wiz is a great guy — thrilled I got the chance to meet him.

But that set aside, his song “This Plane” is a wonderful track. In fact, the whole track and even the title are metaphors for Wiz’s failed record deal, which himself being this so called plane. “Don’t know what they hate for/Just getting my paper/Well maybe they will love me more when I’m gone/I don’t want to leave, but I need to, it’s such a shame/They gon’ miss this plane” is all in reference to this botched fall out Wiz had with Warner Bros. records.

The production quality is top notch, as is the production on most of Khalifa’s songs. I feel it was about time he got his 15 minutes of fame on my blog.

Wiz Khalifa – This Plane: Mediafire Download

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