I thought it important that I keep on the roll of making these posts. Here I am, prepping myself to go out and shoot the Matador Nights event featuring E-40, and a song came on my iTunes shuffle that I thought was definitely blog post worthy. The smooth sounding, party anthem I’m referring to is one of British pop artist Jay Sean’s most latest works — 2012.

2012 ft. Nicki Minaj

I’m not going to lie, this track may be a bit too poppy for some of you, but like I mentioned earlier, my musical tastes are vast, and I try to blog about all genres of music equally. Jay Sean’s song 2012, which features yet another up-and-coming female artist, Nicki Minaj, is one of those tracks that keeps me entranced from the second the song starts to the second the song ends. Amazing production matched with Jay Sean’s amazing voice (yeah, I think the guy can actually sing…which is seemingly a rare talent among musicians today) make for a fully functional track — and Nicki Minaj throwing down a guest verse didn’t hurt either.

I’m not a HUGE fan of Nicki Minaj, but I will say she nails it down in this track, spitting a flow that both makes sense, and is tightly locked down. That coupled with Jay Sean’s voice, and the top-notch production make for a track that will be bumping the clubs for the next couple of months.

This point of the matter is…despite the fact that this song is all about partying (such an original topic), Jay Sean and Nicki Minaj pull it off, tastefully putting together a track that is both functional and sounds amazing…and I think the concept behind the title and words in the song is kind creative too…ha.

Jay Sean – 2012 (ft. Nicki Minaj): Mediafire Download

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