Alright. I’m not going to lie. Electro music is something I’ve recently became a huge fan of within the last couple of years. To me, there’s truly nothing like hitting the clubs and dancing on the dance floor to some funky, dirty, electro house. And I don’t mean that mainstream stuff (although there’s nothing wrong with that), but I mean some dirty, funky electro. Far Too Loud‘s remix of Lily Allen’s 2009 hit, “Not Fair“, delivers just that kind of vibe.

Not Fair by Lily Allen

There’s absolutely nothing electro or techno about the 25 year-old English recording artist, talk show host, and actress, Lily Allen…that is until London based breakbeat/electronica group Far Too Loud got a hold of her 2009 smash hit, “Not Fair”, and totally did a number on it. Trust me. It’s amazing.

Not that I have anything at against the English musican…she’s got some great songs. I will admit I enjoy her music, and even the original “Not Fair” recieved some decent airplay on my stereo system…but as soon as I heard the Far Too Loud remix (featured on Club Fever 2009…which, by the way, is a great compilation CD put out each year) I haven’t really given the original track much play.

On those nights I’m feeling like I want to party, there’s nothing better than rolling down the windows, hitting the 101, and cranking up this wonderful remix. It’s got everything you’d want in a damn good (yeah, I went there) electro remix; hard hitting bass, crazy wild break downs, and of course…a melody that plays true to the original tune itself.

As always, I’ve provided you with a streaming file, as well as the download link! Enjoy!

Lily Allen: Not Fair (Far Too Loud Remix) – Mediafire Download

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