My previous post focused around an up-and-coming hip-hop rapper named Grieves, so I decided to go in somewhat of another direction and post about a song I really feel is going to take the world by storm (and kind of already has). The track I’m talking about, as if you couldn’t gather from the unoriginality of this blog post title, is the track La La La by new artist Auburn, featuring the already largely popular IYAZ (known mostly for his track Replay).



Those who know me are aware that my taste for music spans all across the board, dipping my foot into all waters of musical genres. In lue of reviewing an underground hip-hop artist, I swing my focus here to Auburn, an artist fairly new on the scene, but a woman who has clearly produced one of the most catchy, club-banging hits of this fading 2010 summer.

La La La, a track produced by none other than J.R. Rotem (the producer behind such #1 hits as S.O.S by Rihanna, Beautiful Girls by Sean Kingston, Whatcha Say by Jason Derulo and many more), is a definite club banger for sure. Since the release of her first album in 2007 (which gained little success), she has been hard at work to produce an album that will catch on to the masses…and it’s looking like it might. Signing to Warner Bros. records and Beluga Heights, he debut album is due out late fall 2010. La La La is the first single from that album, released in mid-2010.

Another thing you’ll get to know about me, is that I go goo-goo-ga-ga for any song that samples anything ever. In layman’s terms, I like songs that sample other songs within them. Auburn’s track La La La is one of them, sampling a song that most of us all know from way back in the day, Around the World (La La La La La) by ATC from 2000.

I’m sure there will be an even more banging, more danceable remix of this track coming out in the future (another thing you’ll get to know about me; I love remixes), but for now, check out the player below, and feel free to snag yourself a copy from the download link!

Auburn ft. IYAZ: La La La – Mediafire Download

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