As promised, I’m back again, sitting here in the Oviatt Library on the CSUN campus, for yet another Things I Dig post…this time, providing you with a look at a particular track I’m lovin’ right now.



To me, when it comes down to hip-hop songs, there is nothing more important than a prominent lyrical flow. In fact, I would dare go as far to say that next to production, flow is key; and at times, even a shoddy production value can even be overmasked by unmistakeable talent with words. Lucky for Grieves, not only is the production in his tracks top-notch, his ability to rhyme lyrically over beats is unparalleled.

Many of the people that know me are aware that I hold Mike Shinoda (Linkin Park/Fort Minor) in high regards (as his ability to rhyme words effortlessly and with such emotion really gets me) and I can hear a lot of similar styles in the artist Grieves; particularly in his song, Smile For The Blade.

Witty, easy to understand, and infectiously catchy, Smile For The Blade has taken up residence in My Top Rated playlist on iTunes…a feat that isn’t too easy to come by. With lyrics like “And everyone’s an expert when it comes down to my life/And speak like they knew me before I got in the limelight/And what the hell does that really mean/I busted ass to get these broken-hearted love poems printed up and seen”, it makes it clear that Grieves has a love for his music and is ready with open arms to face any kind of criticism that is thrown his way.

Check it out, download link provided, and enjoy!

Grieves ft. Budo: Smile For The Blade – Mediafire Download

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