Back again with a fresh new track that actually just dropped a few days ago. The first glimpse into the highly anticipated (for lack of a better word?) sophomore album from pop sensation Owl City was released this past Tuesday. The single, “Alligator Sky” is working its way up the iTunes chat and features some beastly rap by none other than Inglewood native Shawn Chrystopher.

My feeling is this: If you like B.o.B. then you’ll love this song. Chrystopher sounds a lot like him in this track, so much so that the first time I heard it I actually thought it WAS B.o.B. Nevertheless, it’s not, but this song is pretty sick. Shawn is a great rapper who lays down some pretty heavy lines with a sick flow…and of course Owl City has one of those poppy electro-infused beats and catchy hook that is addictive. Worth a listen if you like music like that, expect this song to be a hit!


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