Mashups are one of three things. They are either A; an epic combination of two great songs that when put together make an even better song. B; an epic combination of two awful songs that made a great song or C; an epic combination of two songs that sounds like a car cash…lucky for us, Rusko’s “California Love” remix, and Ludacris’ “How Low” are both masterpieces and surprisingly or not, when DJ Rex threw them both together, he got a chill, laidbaick electro-dub hip-hop song that is worthy of blasting. Oooh, I love how all these genres get crossed!

Rex Buchanan is an American DJ and producer who lives and works in Denver. Although his music production encompasses a large selection of different electronic genres, his songs always maintain a great dancefloor vibe…something very important. Be sure to turn your speakers up to enjoy this new mashy!

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