Rebelution is a group that hails out of Santa Barbara, CA, about 70 miles north of where I’m at right now. I have many friends who go to UCSB, and I often find my way up there to party for the weekend, seeing as how SB is definitely one of the largest party schools on the West Coast. This song manages to capture the lifestyle of Santa Barbara well. Rebelution has that reggae, smoke-weed-every-day kind of sound that one could expect from the UCSB area, and the Zion-I remix does the track justice and adds a little more dubby/electronic influence into the track without taking away from the original!

What I like about this song is the ease of the flow, and the subtle differences that the Zion-I remix adds in. It’s different from the original, but I think that the remix adds some nice flavor to a chill reggae song. If you’re looking for a new song to kick back with and smoke to, check out this track.

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