Watch out for this one if you hate the poppy tracks…it’s a real poppy one. However poppy it is though, it is awesome and I thought it worthy of mention on the LACL blog, if not for the fact that I just HAVEN’T posted anything be Hyper Crush or The Cataracs! Why not nail two birds with one stone, eh?

Hyper Crush are awesome…and I’m not just saying that because they hail from right around where I grew up (oh yeah, bragging rights). And I’m also not just saying that because their female lead is the cousin of one of my friends (no really). But I’m saying it because they are talented. I began listening to HC about two or three years back and their sound has sky rocketed. These guys were doing this years ago before this music was even in — they’re OGs.

Now, I’ve seen them live twice (once opening for Far East Movement and LMFAO and once as their own headliners) and they can put on an amazing show. This track is awesome. I am already a huge fan of Keep Up, which is again a poppy electro tune but is damn danceable (and amazing live), as well as The Cataracs’ main hit, Like A G6 (which the also produced along with Dev and Far East). This song, Kick Us Out, may be poppy but it sure is a great tune.

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