Asher Roth rocketed to fame with his track released last year that we all know about: I Love College. Roth highlighted on some key points as to why everyone loves going to University such as banging lots of chicks, sleeping in late, drinking tons of alcohol, and eating cheap pizza. But for every person who likes something, there is someone who hates it. Enter Sam Adams — another up-and-coming college rapper who took Roth’s hit single and turned the tables — sort of.

I say sort of because Adams really doesn’t explain why he hates college. In fact, I think he only mentions it once in his chorus, the rest of the song he explains why he loves things associated with college, such as finished kegs and crushing bottles of Bacardi. He does however lay down a sick flow with some humorous lyrics, but if autotune bothers you, you may want to pass by this track. I personally don’t mind autotune, and I happen to dig this track. Sick flow, so fresh, and a great remix of Asher Roth to add to the collection!

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