One of the best artists of this past year has probably got to be La Roux. After noticing that I really haven’t posted much dubstep, I decided I would post yet another great dubstep remix I was recently turned on to — La Roux’s In For The Kill as remixed by dubstep master, Skrillex.

I was turned on to Skrillex a couple of months ago by a friend of mine and have been a fan ever since. Like I had mentioned in the previous post, I am not a huge dubstep fan — but I can’t help but love this song. I’ve been on the look for a great La Roux remix for a while now — I really love her and her music.

The Skrillex remix starts off awesomely — and when the bass drops for the dub break down I think my heart stopped for a second. Enjoy.

[soundcloud width=”100%” height=”81″ params=”amp” url=”″]

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