Wow. It doesn’t come often that I actually find a dubstep track I actually love. I mean — the genre itself is alright. I’m not going to lie and say its one of my favorites, but the tracks that I do end up liking I really really like. Roksonix is definitely one I like to keep an eye on — some great dubstep has come from them.

The Hide & Seek remix is absolutely astounding. I mean, the original track by Imogen Heap is wonderful as is, and the odd phrasing of the track makes it kind of difficult to remix to begin with. I have, over the years, gathered up several different remixes of this song, but none hit me quite as hard as this Roksonix remix did. The song starts out pretty slow…but seriously, don’t let that fool you. The bass drop is intense, and it had me hooked instantly the first time I heard it. Simply amazing. Check it out!

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