The Knocks - Brightside (The FatRat Remix) [ELECTRO ROCK]

Ah, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted up some nu-wave/electro stuff up here and when I heard this track I just knew I needed to post it up. It’s a pretty good party anthem, super fun, and definitely funky. It’s fun to listen to and has some pretty good electro drops in it!


Skrillex - Bring Out The Devil & Levels Remix [DUBSTEP]

In an effort to save a little bit of time and effort, I’m doing a little joint post here with two of Skrillex’s sick new dubstep tracks! The first one is a song he made with electro God Kill The Noise and SOFI, and the second is his sick and banging remix of Avicii’s Levels. Both are definitely worth a listen!


Roscoe Dash - Good Good Night (Turbo Swag Remix) [DUBSTEP]

Ah, I’m sure most of you are already familiar with Roscoe Dash’s hit song “Good Good Night” but what you’re probably NOT familiar with is Turbo Swag’s sick dubstep remix. Definitely worth a listen if you like banging remixes because this one bangs pretty hard!


Zeds Dead - Eyes on Fire x Jackie Boy (VIP Remix ft. Omar LinX) [DUPSTEP]

Zeds Dead remix of Eyes on Fire has been out there circulating for awhile, and it’s a pretty sick dub track. A slowed down tempo and powerful bass makes it a sick track to vibe to, but the duo recently released this sick mash-up VIP remix that adds one additional sick layer to the tune: Omar LinX’s “Jackie Boy”.


B.o.B. - Things Get Worse (ft. Eminem) [HIP-HOP]

B.o.B. just recently released his 8th official mixtape to tie everyone over until his sophomore album is released. I wanted to take a second to share with you just one song off of the mixtape which is actually pretty sick. It features a pretty big part by Eminem, who nails it down with a sick, tight flow as usual.


Skrillex - Voltage (Disics Extended Mix) [DUBSTEP]

Ah, forgive me for the gap in posts but I was way busy with the Thanksgiving holiday! I’m back though, and with a killer new tune from Skrillex that is actually pretty sick! It starts off with a more well known Skrillex track, but quickly turns into something totally different!


Kaskade - Lick It (ft. Skrillex) [ELECTRO]

If you listen to electronic music at all, you’ve probably heard of Kaskade. World renowned DJ Kaskade recently just dropped a killer new album with tons of banging electro songs on it, but I’d really like to feature the one he did with dubstep icon Skrillex. It’s not your typical Skrillex track — so give it a listen even if you’re not a fan! - The Taxi Tape (MIXTAPE) [ELECTRONIC]

GoodMusicAllDay just released a pretty sick mix tape over on their site that’s definitely worth a listen. Lot of good tracks and good vibes, typically tending more towards an electronic/indie/mash-up feeling. Check it out!


Chiddy Bang - Ray Charles [HIP-HOP]

Ah, another day, another dollar, another post, and another sick track from Chiddy Bang. Haven’t heard too much since Mind Your Manners so it was nice to see them drop another sick track. They nail it, needless to say, and if you’re a Chiddy Bang fan you’ll love this track (and give it a listen even if you’re not!).


Sam Adams - Blow Up [HIP-HOP]

Nice, it’s about time we have a new Sammy Adams track. Besides the track he did with Bei Maejor recently, he hasn’t been releasing too much music…which is strange because his first tape rocketed up the iTunes charts and was hugely successful. Well, this track is super catchy.