Radical Something - #NoSweat [EP!]

Well, I lied. It wasn’t quite the next day since I wanted to get sometime to sit down and listen to the EP a couple times through to get a feeling for the music. Let me just say, Radical Something does NOT disappoint. The 6-track EP is great, and you can tell that the group has really evolved and grown musically!


Radical Something - Vibe to This [HIP-POP]

Ah! A lot of hype has been growing in anticipation of Radical Something’s sophomore album, #NOSWEAT, which drops TOMORROW! Well, they have been releasing a steady flow of tracks from the upcoming album and this one has to be one of my favorites thus far – definitely worth a listen to if you’re even moderately a fan of the group!



Outasight - Tonight Is The Night (Timeflies Remix) [ELECTRO]

Wow. Outasight’s track Tonight Is The Night has been making waves recently and is getting pretty popular. I have to say, I absolutely love what Timeflies has done to the track, and I felt the need to post this electro-dubby remix up seeing as how it dropped today!


Basic Physics - Lift Off [MASHUP ALBUM]

Basic Physics just recently dropped their latest album, Lift Off, and it’s really really sick. The album features 16 songs with over 100 different samples from so many different pop songs it’s hard to keep track! If you’re a fan of mashups, mashup artists, or heavy sampling, Lift Off is definitely worth a listen.



YONAS - Pumped Up Kicks (Remix) [HIP-HOP]

Well, everyone’s favorite song gets yet another work over by up-and-coming hip-hop artist, YONAS. YONAS takes the original song and switches it up, making a catchy hip-hop beat using everyone’s favorite Foster The People tune. Check it out!



Easy Does It - Feelin' Like Ooh [HIP-HOP]

I guess that this track would technically fall under some sort of “rock” genre, but it’s just super laid back and has a nice summer feel to it…which is good because all of this cold(ish) weather has me really missing those summer months. Definitely worth a listen if you’re down for some laid-back sick jam.


The White Panda - Mo' Free, Mo' Fallin' [MASHUP]

The White Panda is a sick duo that make pretty killer mash ups. For this tune, they mash the classic Notorious BIG track, “Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems” with the Tom Petty hit, “Free Fallin’” and create this sick track. Definitely worth a listen.



Upper West - Slow Down [HIP-HOP]

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve posted, all caught up in the Winter Break festivities. But I figure now that the break is coming to a close, I should get back on that music kick and start sharing some more great tunes with you guys regularly. The first track I’d like to share with you samples Death Cab, and it’s pretty sick.



The Specktators - Familiar With Floss (MIXTAPE) [HIP-HOP]

Happy Holidays everyone! As the year draws to a close and holiday gifts are being handed out, I was lucky enough to get this gem of a mixtape sent to me this past week and I’ve been diggin’ on it super hard. The Specktators are a super fresh duo hailing out of Lansing, Michigan and I believe it’s about time the west coast shows these boys some love.


Hoodie Allen - #WhiteGirlProblems & The Chase Is On [HIP-POP]

Hoodie Allen is pretty awesome. I was scouring my music trying to find something that had fallen through the cracks that I really dig to share with you guys and I think I found it. Hoodie Allen’s “Leap Year” came out over he summer and some how didn’t get featured on LACL. It’s better late than never, right?