Things I Dig: Auburn - La La La (ft. IYAZ)

My previous post focused around an up-and-coming hip-hop rapper named Grieves, so I decided to go in somewhat of another direction and post about a song I really feel is going to take the world by storm (and kind of already has). The track I’m talking about, as if you couldn’t gather from the unoriginality of this blog post title, is the track La La La by new artist Auburn, […]


Things I Dig: Grieves - Smile For The Blade

As promised, I’m back again, sitting here in the Oviatt Library on the CSUN campus, for yet another Things I Dig post…this time, providing you with a look at a particular track I’m lovin’ right now.     To me, when it comes down to hip-hop songs, there is nothing more important than a prominent lyrical flow. In fact, I would dare go as far to say that next to production, flow […]


Business Plan Outlines = No Fun

I mentioned earlier last week that I was interested in starting up a website on the previously mentioned I have been hard at work hashing out some form of business plan that I can present to the site in hopes to get my idea hosted online and start my idea on the way to fruition. Still not much to tell you about this project, I just wanted to let everyone […]


Branded Entertainment/BombNom.Com

It’s been a few days since I sat down and took the time to make a post. I promised myself I would do the best I could to post often. I am very active in the social media (see my bagillion twitter posts, facebook, or tumblr for proof of that) but I am not really much of a blogger; I always feel like I often have noting important to say, […]


Things I Dig: Attack Attack!

Attack Attack!‘s sophomore album, self-titled, is a very interesting blend of electro, hardcore breakdowns, and even a little big of hip-pop…and it works. I just really wanted to take a second here and comment about the band’s sophomore album. Their first major album to hit the stores, Someday Came Suddenly, received a lot of air play when it came to my car stero. I still remember the first time I heard Attack Attack!, I believe […]


Save The Scene Photography

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Hello Wordpress!

Hello wordpress! I decided I might just like to go and give you a try. I currently have a account (shameless plug I know) but It was just kind of lacking something. Tumblr seemed great if I wanted some sort of strange social networking/twitter/blog hybrid…which is cool and all I since I usually am down for sorts of things…but I feel as a journalist, I really need to get […]