SoMo - Kings & Queens (Throw It Up) [POP]

I can’t believe I never threw this up…and what’s more unbelievable is that I decided to do a post after writing a 10 page Abnormal Psychology midterm (that’s only half done). It’s a super chill laid-back poppy track but it definitely got a lot of airplay this past summer. Kinda has a laid-back Skrillex-y feel ya dig?



Hopsin - Ill Mind of Hopsin 5 [HIP-HOP]

Well this is a bit of a deviation from the norm. I won’t lie, this track is a little more “aggro” then the poppy/club/hippy-hop we normally feature up on the blog but I’ve been jamming on this tune lately. Hopsin’ fucking nails is in this track – like it’s sick.



Outasight - Shine (ft. Chiddy Bang) [HIP-HOP]

What a breath of fresh air! Check this out: New Outasight and new Chiddy in the SAME TRACK! It’s pretty good, and pretty fresh. It’s been a while since I’ve featured either of them on the LACL blog. I think the last mention was the Outasight/Timeflies remix a few months back.


Mike-Dash-E - Close To You (ft. YMTK & Symba) [HIP-HOP]

I’ve got a hot track to show you guys that’s just perfect for getting ready to go out on a Saturday night (speaking of which why are you online right now…and why am I writing?) . Calvin Harris’ smash hit “Feel So Close” gets a sick remix hip hop remix!



Silver Medallion - Stay Young [Electro]

Talk about hiatus. I’m sorry about the lack of posts, school is crazy. But enough of that, what I can’t get enough of is this Silver Medallion track, “Stay Young”. If you’re a fan of Silver like I have been for a while, then you will be throughly impressed with the level of production on this track! Totally awesome and totally great to see Silver back on his grind!


Krewella - Fire Hive (Krewella Fuck On Me Remix) [DUBSTEP]

Jeez. Talk about going HARD. Krewella doesn’t disappoint at ALL when it comes to filthy, dirty, dubstep beats. It’s like Hypercrush, Skrillex, and something else came together and had some dirty love child. Fire Hive – well all of their songs actually – bang amazingly hard. Check it out, I promise you’ll love it.


Cisco Adler - Ride With Us (ft. Tayyib Ali) [CHILL]

In keeping with this summer music kick I’d like to share with you a song that one of my favorite music blog sites just debuted yesterday. When you see Cisco Adler, you should automatically know that the song in question is going to be some chilled laid-back song that makes you wish for summer…



Aer - Wonderin' Why [HIP-HOP]

LACL has reached over 100 posts. I like to think of that as a little bit of a mile stone, and I think this song is perfect to be number 101. I’ve been keeping my eye on Aer for a while and they’re definitely pretty sick. Their new video to their song “Wonderin’ Why” really made me fall in love with their sound. It’s sick. Where’s summer at?



Mike Stud - Boyfriend (Remix) [HIP-HOP]

It’s been awhile. I apologize. If I could only explain to you the issues I’ve been having with my internet. Anyway, none of that is nearly as interesting or as important as a Mike Stud Justin Bieber remix. Yeah. You heard me. And not only that, this song is actually sick. #swag?


Nero - Must Be The Feeling (Delta Heavy Remix) [DUBSTEP]

Well I don’t know about you, but every time I think “Nero”, I think banging bass and incredible drive. The Delta Heavy remix of the largely popular Must Be The Feeling track certainly does NOT disappoint. The track starts off like an electric rock anthem, and slowly builds to an intense mixture of heavy drops and driving synth.